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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

💎Crystal Card of the Day for December 7th, 2017!

About ten years ago, I was lying on the couch in my apartment in Astoria, Queens just relaxing and reflecting on my day. I began feeling a strange sensation smack dab in the middle of my forehead. I would say, it started as the size of a dime and felt like warmth and a bit of pressure. The feeling spread until it felt as if someone had placed his or her palm there. My roommate was out, so I was alone at the time and a little frightened. Thankfully, I was working at THE metaphysical bookstore in NYC, called East West Living, and was surrounded by crystals, books, and wise healers everyday. When I confided in one of them about my experience, he told me that it sounded like my third eye was opening and that it probably had a lot to do with all of the crystals I was handling daily. I then recalled having strange sensations like this as a child, when I was studying and playing classical piano regularly (which I've now learned can open the third eye as well).

I share this story because I'm sure many of you can relate in some way. As our sensitivity to the energy of crystals enhances, so does the sensitivity to our own energy system, and crystals are powerful tools that aid in the activation of our chakras. Learning to work with the psychic energy of my third eye has allowed me to see order and meaning within the chaos and confusion of my life and to forge strength from the pain. Ametrine is the perfect companion for third eye activation because it's not as intense as some other third eye crystals AND it connects to the solar plexus chakra -- which balances out an excessive third eye. How do you know if your third eye is overactive? Headaches, disorientation, overwhelm, overindulgence in fantasy, anxiety, and insomnia are some of the symptoms. Amethyst as well as citrine can bring relief. With Ametrine, you receive a double dose. Comment below with your experiences of third eye activation or working with ametrine! Crystal blessings to you!

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Warmest Wishes,


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