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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

๐Ÿ’Ž Crystal Card of the Day for December 8th, 2017!

If moments of joy are quickly followed by the anticipation of impending doom or if there seems to be a ceiling on your emotional pitch, not even allowing you to get to joy, it could be due to self-sabotage and a belief that you're unworthy in some way. Or perhaps you associate happiness and joy with being victimized. Transformation with regard to your emotional capacity is upon you. It's time to purge the unwanted store of sadness and shame to make room for the higher vibrational feelings to enter and be experienced!

If you're holding onto the lower vibes because you blame yourself, don't suffer through twice the regret, nor tenfold! It's time to take your power back and allow people to love all of you, even the parts you deem shameful. Rhodochrosite is the stone showing itself to you as a sign that it's time to shift out of this suffering and move into the light of love and compassion for yourself. Working with this amazing crystal, has the potential to heal your tendency to punish yourself, suffering in all relationships, and past karmic debts. It will support you to release the self-blame that contributes to self-sabotage and reprogram your emotional body to be open in receiving joy again -- or for the first time. So much Love & Light coming your way!

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Warmest Wishes, Rachael

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