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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

💎Crystal Card of the Day for December 9th, 2017!

You're being called to take on a leadership role in some capacity. Clearly, you're qualified, but self-doubt keeps creeping in, tempting you to pass on this opportunity/ responsibility. Brand new skills may be required that you'll need to learn as you go, and lesser known parts of yourself summoned and strengthened. More of YOU is really what's being requested, so you're more than equipped!

Smokey Citrine appears to impart the wisdom of versatility in this instance. The Smokey Quartz blended with Citrine gives this incredible stone the metaphysical properties of both, making this a powerhouse combination. Take this stone with you to help ground you away from anxiety, energize you with positivity and generosity, manifest your highest potential, and to help harmonize you with those seeking your leadership. You deserve this recognition. It's about time!

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Warmest Wishes, Rachael

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