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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT


✨ Happy New Year and Euphoric Full Moon in Cancer! Time to create something meaningful and fulfilling in my life. Maybe you feel the same way. Books have lives of their own in my world, calling my attention when it's time to explore the thoughts and imagery they uniquely provide. There couldn't be a better time in my life to work through this book, although I've attempted on several occasions over the last decade. I feel that I had a lot of healing, exploring, and disappointing myself to experience before I was even ready to look at this. I was also waiting for someone to see me performing or read my writing or even just look at me and acknowledge, "Now, THERE'S an artist!" And, you know, I have had that experience many times over the years, but it was never satiating. The person's acknowledgment and approval I truly needed was and is my own. So, here I am. Feeling like I was only pretending those times on stage, fooling myself and others when I would write anything and post it publicly, and wasting time that "should" be spent earning money from behind a desk or in business attire. I have desperately wanted respect for my contribution to the world, but if you don't give it to yourself, you'll surely be desperately seeking it for eternity. My affirmation for week one: "I, Rachael, am a hilarious comedienne, relatable actress, exquisite singer, and poignant writer, who deserves fair pay for my contribuition." That last part about the fair pay, I borrowed from Julia Cameron. It makes me uncomfortable, which is how I know I need to add it. In my vlog (below), I address the basic principles and basic tools laid out in the introductory chapter. I also talk about the blurts and shadow artists from chapter one, although we'll discuss those last concepts next week after having done deeper work with them, as there are many exercises in chapter one. Starting the morning pages tomorrow and planning my artist date for the week!

🌹 How are you feeling, Artist? Share your experience in the comments below or feel free to DM me!

Warmest Wishes,


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