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This past week, we implemented the morning pages daily, scheduled playtime alone in an artist date, repeated our affirmations, and dove deeper into our blurts. We also had plenty of tasks, like list our "monsters" -- those that discouraged our creativity and/or criticized our inner artist. I recalled my first private vocal coach always criticizing me and making me feel like I would never be good enough, despite a lot of natural talent. I had an AHA moment when I realized that I began studying with him in a growth mindset, knowing that I wanted to work hard to be a great singer, but his critical and oftentimes cruel feedback was of a fixed mindset and I took that on for a long time, believing that I just wasn't good enough. How foolish of a teacher to think that way. I'm now much more protective of my inner artist and inner child, not allowing criticism of others to affect me as much as my own evaluation. More in my vlog below!

For week 2, we're looking at the other blocked artists in our lives and how we are tempted to remain blocked ourselves, the ways in which that may manifest, and how to pay attention and have boundaries around our time. Looking forward to the growth!

How are you feeling, Artist? Share your experience in the comments below or feel free to DM me!

Warmest Wishes,


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