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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

๐Ÿ’Ž Crystal Card of the Day for January 25th, 2018!

You may have been experiencing some anxiety, issues with falling asleep or waking out nightmares, or maybe an upcoming change is filling you with fear and doubt. It's important that you discharge this energy in some way to bring relaxation to your system and promote clearer thinking. Deep, intentional breath is one way to restore clarity and alignment, but this nervous energy may need something a bit more drastic, like a core energetics exercise I like to do. You simply take a foam bat or something similar and hit a pillow or cushioned surface while making primitive sounds. You can also lie on a yoga mat on your back and alternate stomping each foot to the ground. If you have a favorite workout that helps to release pent up energy, that'll work too. The nightmares we experience are also a way that we release the charge. Amber Calcite a soothing, calming Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra stone that is an ally during times of change, encouraging the system into a relaxation response and a state of allowing. Yet at the same time, it enhances our will, supporting us in meeting our goals with motivation. Soothing our anxieties, Amber (or Honey) Calcite is a phenominal companion for meditation, as well as sleep. For those who are working through fears of scarcity and lack, this crystal ally promotes a shift in mindset around provision. Boosting immunity, amplifying psychic ability, and supportive during times of change, Amber Calcite is a must have in the crystal healer's arsenal.

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