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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

⚡️ Transcendence Through the Elements on Wolf Spirit Radio!

On 3/11/18, I filled in for my dear friend Kufunya Ife on her show Feel the Vibes from Your Spirit Guides on In this program, I present the elements, their attributes, and how to do a blind constellation. Thank you to Tony for calling in and participating in the constellation of the elements in his system. 50% OFF all sessions with the code "March50" in the month of March or set up a First Time Strategy Session (for new clients only), visit the Services page! Until we meet again...

**If you listened to the end and realized that I left you hanging on the final two elements (Sorry, I was in a time crunch!), I've put the key, matching the number to the assigned element at the bottom of the screen.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Element Key revealed below. Do the exercise at the end of the show yourself before you scroll down!

🗝 Reveal of the Constellation Key for the Elements:





5. AIR

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