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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

๐Ÿ’Ž Crystal Card of the Day for April 27th, 2018!โ €

Now's the time to hush the inner critic so that you may break through to a new paradigm of creative capacity and confidence. We often put this critic on a pedestal, believing that he/she must know more and be more savvy than our innocent inner creator, so we must listen and adhere to his/her warnings in order to maintain high standards and to stay safe. The problem there is that we can criticize ourselves into immobility, siphoning our vitality and preventing us from ever take the necessary risks to reap the rewards in life.

Orange Aventurine is a stone of luck, fortune, and manifestor of exciting new possibilities in the life of its wearer. Sometimes referred to as the "Whisper Stone" because its energy helps to silence the inner critic and judgmental voice. Enhancing your sense of personal will and helping you to put that will to use, Orange Aventurine is a wonderful companion for those who are struggling with a lack of self-worth as it boost self-confidence and vitality. Encouraging perseverance, amplifying creativity, and endowing you with determination, Orange Aventurine is a great support in overcoming the challenges of life.

Warmest Wishes,


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