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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

๐Ÿ’Ž Crystal Card of the Day for April 29th, 2018!

With the full moon in Scorpio this evening, it's a perfect time to release patterns and addictions that have gone unchecked up until now, however slight or intense they may be. You have outgrown your need for this behavior, and have been receiving signs that it's pertinent for you to take necessary steps to make healthier decisions for yourself and those close to you. You are most likely attempting to soothe anxiety and/or alleviate depression through these addictive patterns and may find that allowing yourself to feel these feelings without numbing yourself will allow you to get to the other side of them. And the other side is peace. Don't be afraid of your pain or depth, as they are normal components on the spiritual journey.

Blue Aventurine is a peaceful, calming stone that helps you shed addictive patterns big and small by supporting the processing and integration of spiritual energy into the subconscious mind via the third eye and throat chakras. Helping to overcome selfishness, childishness, passive aggressiveness, and overall immaturity, Blue Aventurine supports growth and spiritual work, clearing out old and stagnant energy. Maintaining inner peace despite any surrounding chaos, this crystal is a brilliant companion for those working on developing their intuition, empathy, and psychic abilities.

Warmest Wishes,


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