• Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

🌹🍃💎 Essential Oil & Crystal of the Day for May 25th, 2018!

Based on some recent internal shifts, you may find that you are currently feeling a sensation that can only be described as expansive. Perhaps you've been meditating, exploring past lives, working with high frequency crystals, stargazing, or partaking in some other activity that triggers this feeling of oneness with the universe as well as Mother Earth. With your awareness stretched in such a way, it gives a floating feeling and the sense that time seems to be suspended. You may find that you're more aware of the timeless part of yourself than your physical body, although you have not come ungrounded. Awareness seems to be inclusive of both the limitless universe and the smallest particle of your being.

Energy Tools to Work with at This Time:

Arborvitae essential oil not only helps to ground you in the body, but it also opens your awareness to your connection to divine flow and grace. Helping to prevent you from blocking divine intervention and assistance in your life, the Arborvitae tree is known as the "Tree of Life" and its essential oil encourages the sacrifice of your personal will, ambitions, and ego for a higher calling and deeply fulfilling way of being. Helping you to see that divine love is all around you and ever presence, as opposed to separate from you, Arborvitae essence relaxes the mind when inhaled, encourages surrender to and trust in a higher power, and helps you to experience true strength through that of the divine. Exude more peace and joy as Arborvitae oil encourages you to open to the abundant flow of divine grace.

Nebula Stones are a recent discovery, and are given their name due to the green eye-like formations that are most clearly seen when polished. Gazing into a Nebula Stone gives one a feeling of oneness with the universe, as it awakens the consciousness of every particle of your being and infusing each cell with light. This special stone helps one to take a non-dualistic state of mind, experiencing the whole of existence, access the Akashic records, and view the Aura, while also having a grounding effect. According to Naisha Aishan (co-author of The Book of Stones), Nebula Stone may also encourage the release of toxins and heavy metals from the body and promote fertility in women. If so, it makes sense why it has shown itself to us in recent years, as we are in such need of these energies now.

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