• Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

🌹🍃💎 Essential Oil & Crystal of the Day for June 8th, 2018!

It's time for you to find time for relaxation, even spiritual healing, committing to the balance of your overall well-being. Relaxation is an important component of health, and it's becoming a state that we are less and less familiar or even comfortable with in our culture. When we don't have the quantity of time for self-care, it becomes even more imperative that we give ourselves quality time to relax, release, and recharge to keep our systems healthy and functioning optimally.

Energy Tools to Work with at This Time:

Basil essential oil helps to restore vitality and strength after times of extreme exhaustion and even adrenal fatigue. Also helpful when recovering from negative habits, substance abuse, and the use of stimulants, Basil oil increases your natural energy, provides optimism and hope to a weary mind and tired soul, and the ability to cope with stress and overwhelm. Also supportive for those coping with nervousness, anxiety, and even feelings of despair, Basil essence can strengthen the adrenals and restore your body's natural rhythms of sleep, activity, and rest.

Meditating with and wearing Petalite enhances and deepens the state of relaxation and there is no stone that compares to its soothing support in alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, and other undesired states. Opening the throat chakra, Petalite helps you to speak with clarity and precision. Also opening and activating the crown chakra, it can stimulate clairvoyance, telepathy, clairaudience, and intuition. Petalite connects us to Christ/ Cosmic consciousness, and with its high vibration helps you release negative energies and experience powerful healing. Sometimes referred to as Angel Stone, Petalite will connect you to angelic support, ancient wisdom, spirit guides, and totem animals. Relaxation and Spiritual Healing to You!

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