• Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

🌹🍃💎 Essential Oil & Crystal of the Day for August 13th, 2018!

The body carries with it the past traumas, stresses, and unexpressed emotions until processed and healed. You may currently be experiencing uncomfortable or even painful bodily sensations as your body's intelligent system alerting you to these unaddressed issues. Imagine a pillar of divine light supporting you and calming your nervous system, slowing your pace and freeing your mind to focus your intentions on presence and allowing you to prioritize actions purposefully throughout the day. Doing this everyday could potentially heal your life.

Energy Tools to Work with at This Time:

Bergamot essential oil promotes self-acceptance through letting go of self-judgment and connecting you to optimism, faith, and unconditional love of self. Offering a sense of lightness, particularly helpful to those who reach for heavy and rich foods for emotional reasons, Bergamot oil helps to cleanse out stagnant emotions and limiting beliefs. For those of you who hide behind a mask of cheerfulness because of a deeper sense that you're bad, unlovable, or not good enough, Bergamot essence facilitates movement in the energy system, infusing hope. Bergamot essential oil sparks a feeling of optimism and confidence in yourself.

Ocean Jasper (also known as Orbicular Jasper or Atlantis Stone) offers a nurturing, protective, and patient vibration to its wearer. Helping you to release emotional blocks and pent up anger and renewing a sense of joy and enthusiasm for life, Ocean Jasper works with the Heart Chakra to ease depression and enhancing empathy. Work with Ocean Jasper on the Solar Plexus to alleviate chronic stress and enhance digestion as well as the assimilation of nutrients from food, aiding in detoxification.

Warmest Wishes, Rachael

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