• Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

🌹🍃💎 Essential Oil & Crystal of the Day for September 11th, 2018!

You're thinking much more clearly about a particular issue recently. A lot of the thoughts and feelings surrounding how to move forward have become much less convoluted, and you've given an appropriate amount of time and space for the truth to reveal itself to you. Now, it's important to remain focused on the intentions that you've decided will do the most good for all involved.⠀

Energy Tools to Work with at This Time:

Purify essential oil blend, containing Lemon, Siberian Fir, Citronella, Lime, Melaleuca, and Cilantro, helps you to enter a state of cleansing and releasing to wash away negativity and toxicity, providing a revitalization of your energy system and clarity of mind. Helping you combat the toxic emotions of hate, rage, enmeshment, and negative attachment, Purify blend is also a potent cleanser of your space. Cleansing the air and environment of odor and harmful microorganisms, Purify oil facilitates emotional breakthroughs when inhaled and teaches that you must learn to receive in order to heal. In order to receive, you must release the old, stagnant blocks that prevent the new, fresh, and clean energy from entering.

Clear quartz is the "master healer" and amplifier of energy, so it's the perfect choice as you continue to clarify your intentions and work towards manifestation. Work with the same piece, as your intentions will be programmed into it and amplified. So, it's important not to work with quartz haphazardly, but in tandem with meditation, intention-setting, manifestation, as well as amplifying the effects of energy work and other crystals. Clear quartz is showing up to let you know you're already clear about what needs to happen here and provide a magnification of your specific and pure intents.⠀⠀

Warmest Wishes,


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