• Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

🌹🍃💎 Essential Oil & Crystal of the Day for September 12th, 2018!

Your acceptance of something that has plagued you for a long time has activated transformation in your life. The amount of energy that you used to use up defending yourself, resisting, and arguing with reality has been freed and made available for immediate use, creating a sense of euphoria! It seems to have just happened -- snuck up on you even -- but it was the result of a lot of internal work and unraveling of irrational thoughts & conflicting beliefs. When you own your power, you create magic all around you!⠀

Energy Tools to Work with at This Time:

Juniper Berry essential oil is supportive on the path to wholeness, helping you accept the dark or unknown aspects of yourself that may be creating fear. Showing you that the things that you fear are in place to teach you courage and empowerment, Juniper Berry oil encourages you to face and release those fears and learn the lessons. Restoring the balance between light and dark, day and night, conscious and subconscious, Juniper Berry essence helps us integrate the communication contained in our dreams and better understand the unresolved fears and issues revealed in our nightmares. Juniper Berry essential oil helps us see that there is nothing to fear when you acknowledge and accept all aspects of yourself.

Labradorite is the "stone of transformation" and helps you in breaking through the delusions and mental confusion. Your intuition and psychic abilities are heightened when you work with this stone of change. You are ready to break through the unhealthy mental and behavioral patterns that have kept you stuck and to take charge of your life. Labradorite is revealing itself as either part of the cause of this transformation or the perfect stone to pick up as support! You're doing it! ⠀

Warmest Wishes,


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