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AromaTouch® Session Testimonial

😁💖 This is feedback I received from an AromaTouch® client, who had no expectations about results or effects of the application and sequence of the oils, as I didn't want to influence the effectiveness through the placebo effect, nor did i want to disappoint her if her experience didn't measure up for some reason. But, I really couldn't have said it better myself anyway! 🌹🍃Enjoy the transformative and relaxing effects of healing touch as carefully selected essential oils provide antimicrobial power and mental/emotional healing. This session is like an energy healing session or a gentle massage with much less pressure, applying essential oils on the back, neck, feet, and even the ears get some TLC. 💓👐🏻AromaTouch® is highly recommended for rebooting your central nervous system and preventing colds and flus. (In person sessions only -- at Heartspace Wellness Alliance in Altoona, Pennsylvania) BOOK NOW!

Receive 2 free sessions with the purchase of an essential oils enrollment kit-- most of which are 20% OFF through September: HERE!

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