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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

Business Alchemy & Manifesting Intention Online Program Starts Tomorrow!!!

✴ Last Call! My mentor Shelley Poovey's Business Alchemy & Manifesting Intention Online Program begins tomorrow!

Are you ready to transform your career, finances, health, relationships, and sense of purpose?

What do you want your life to look like in a year's time?

In this transformative, year-long program, we clear and transform unhealthy ancestral energy and heal any empath wounds so you can get back to the business of being you, radiant shining you. The year will go by whether you make a change or not, so invest in a year of magic and inner alchemy.

♾Business Alchemy & Manifestation Immersion begins TOMORROW!!

Bi-weekly sessions run through August 2019 & are Mondays 7:30pm EST by Zoom video/phone. Access from anywhere!

The first twelve sessions will focus on healing and preparation of the energy body for deeper work.

💫Death, loss, and transformation

💫Rituals and reprogramming the archetypes of survival : saboteur, child, prostitute, victim

💫Healing the relationships within: re-patterning consciousness for health on all levels

💫The origins of joy: emotions, empathy, boundaries, and virtue

💫Introduction to meditation as alchemical work & preparation for manifestation

💫Advanced energy concepts

💫Principles of alchemy and manifestation

💫Spiritual alignment and self mastery

💫Performance, wealth, & resource Management�

💫Accessing the fields of light, consciousness, and information

💫Principles of business alchemy: programming your sphere

💫Establishing hierarchies that support long term vitality & resilience

The final twelve sessions are interactive and support your mastery of the process toward embodying your highest potential.

Learn how to surf the waves of manifestation and harness your alchemical powers to transform every experience into a radiant expression of magnificence, of life and everything in between!

Are you ready? It all starts within you!

⭐ Use the code "rachael999" at checkout to get the entire year for just $999!

YES! Payment plans are totally available; simply choose Paypal credit!

Email for more information or sign up at

Looking forward to connecting with you during this year of MAGIC!

Warmest Wishes,


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