• Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

🌹🍃💎 Essential Oil & Crystal of the Day for October 18th, 2018!

The weather is cooling, and this can usher in a time of more solitude, less socializing, staying indoors in the warmth of your home, and a sense of cabin fever. But it's also an opportunity for contemplation about the year past, mental preparation for the year ahead, a decluttering of thoughts that no longer serve us, and metaphorically becoming a source of light ourselves. Some of us experience sadness, isolation, and a sense of loss as our days in the warm sun officially come to a close for the year.

Ruby in Fuchsite merges the properties of both stones, making it an excellent heart healing stone. Helping you to clear any blockages in the Heart Chakra, Ruby in Fuchsite then fills the void with positive and loving energy. Aiding you in maintaining your individuality while still connecting with humanity as a whole, this beautiful stone is also great when working with any healing modality, as it amplifies the human energy field. Also helpful in opening and enhancing psychic awareness, Ruby in Fuchsite supports a meditative state and connection to spiritual realms.

Cedarwood essential oil is beneficial when inhaled for those who are feeling disconnected and separate from their families and/or having difficulty bonding with others in general. Offering a sense of belonging, Cedarwood oil opens up your awareness to the resources and social support that is all around you and currently going unrecognized. Encouraging you to feel the strength in numbers through community and learning the art of give and take, Cedarwood essence infuses joy back into your relationships. More info about Cedarwood essential oil HERE!

xo Rachael

*Cards from Spirit Song Tarot deck by Paulina Cassidy.

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