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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

Crystals to Support Empaths During the Holiday Season

To my fellow empaths, the chaotic and overwhelming vibes of the holiday season can be difficult to manage with a sensitive and reactive nervous system.

For those get-togethers that we sometimes dread attending, consider carrying black tourmaline as an energetic defense and grounding influence, amethyst to help relax an overstimulated nervous system and to protect against psychic invasion, and citrine to promote the confidence to socialize and a sense of generosity to give without attaching to any return. Allow yourself to get into a pleasant observer mode by imagining positive energy flowing from your eyes into the room and even step away for some space when necessary, as small talk and group settings can burden and overstimulate an empath’s system.

Selenite can help transmute and move any of the empathic transmissions that were absorbed by placing pieces in any areas you perceive discomfort, overwhelm, and even physical pain. Lepidolite can help calm an overstimulated nervous system, alleviate anxiety, and even promote restful sleep.

For those who are experiencing loneliness at this time, allow malachite to support the release of heavy and intense emotions; morganite to promote a state of gentle and unconditional self-love, deep peace, and joy; and Apache tear to process grief, encourage forgiveness, and release emotional blocks to a feeling of connection.

Warmest wishes this holiday season,


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