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Boundaries in Emotionally Intimate Relationships

Hope you're enjoying a Fabulous February so far!

There's something on the topic of love and relationships I wanted to share! As I've journeyed my personal healing path recently, I've been feeling the lack of resonance in toxic relationship patterns that used to feel like home. Boundaries around my time and energy have required refinement and the extreme caregiver/rescuer role I used to take to "earn my spot" on the planet has become more conscious and less compulsory.

In order to heal on the deepest level, it's necessary to get out of the circumstances that continue to retraumatize us. For a compulsive caregiver, that means re-writing relationship agreements that require me to ignore my needs to sustain the connection and establishing emotionally intimate bonds where both parties maintain their personal power. Shifting my frequency through unburdening and rewiring my brain allows me to magnetize healthier connections as well. This is a shift I am inspired to facilitate for others. Can you relate to my story?

I've updated my services recently to reflect the deepening of my understanding and practice in Internal Family Systems trauma-informed model of healing. IFS involves getting to know your parts (or sub-personalities) and unburdening the pain from the past to bring more harmony in the system and allow parts that have been forced into extreme roles open to more choice and freedom. Learn more about Internal Family Systems Facilitation Sessions by clicking HERE!

Warmest Wishes,


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