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"Rachael is an esteemed colleague and a gifted coach. She creates a warm, safe space where you can be guided into the deep places of your self - the places that will yield the transformation you’re seeking. It takes a person of great wisdom, compassion, and understanding of human nature to do this effectively, all qualities Rachael embodies and invests in her work. Healing becomes inevitable in her presence, and she’s helped me enormously. I 100% recommend her services."

Krista N. Mitchell, author of Crystal Reiki and Change Your Energy / Internal Family Systems Facilitation Client

"Let me just say that this has been the best session I’ve had in years! Rachael has a natural gift! She makes you feel comfortable immediately! Ever since our session I have felt great and just have so much more clarity. I am excited for my future and I am looking forward to our next session, thank you Rachael!"

Lisa, Intuitive Energy Healing Client

"Rachael always provides a safe & supportive space for me to get as personal as possible. She's always so in tune with what I personally need to heal. Each session is different and builds on the previous one. I'm always amazed by the miracles and synchronicities I experience after each attentive & relaxing session. I feel so seen & understood, and Rachael has an abundance of energy tools that create incredible & lasting changes!"

Angelina, Intuitive Energy Healing Client

"Rachael has been the best facilitator of therapy and self healing that I’ve ever received. I consider myself to be in touch with a higher source, but often feel therapists and mediums are so focused on their methods, they ignore the person they have right before them. Rachael practices an approach to IFS therapy and truly meets the client where THEY are in their life and understanding. She is a friend and resourceful person in my life. I always have to brace myself for earth shattering results when I’m scheduled to work with her."

Israel, Internal Family Systems Facilitation Client

"Rachael is tha best! She has such a calming patient gentle nurturing energy. No judgement, she can lead you into revealing and healing multiple parts and bring them into alignment with Self energy. I am always amazed at what is uncovered during our sessions, deeply transformative work. Rachael is a deeply maternal, Angel goddess! She has sooo many tools in her kit. She will lead you into alignment with your true self :D"

Tara, Internal Family Systems Facilitation Client

"I feel so safe with Rachael to open up and share my deepest emotions and darkest parts. She creates a judgment free space that holds me during each attentive and loving session. I feel renewed and miraculous changes happen whenever I invest in this time with her. Thank you, Rachael! Our connection means more to me than words can convey."

♡ A.L. in NYC, Internal Family Systems Facilitation Client

"I have NEVER in my life had a more helpful, loving, and healing experience than what I have had the privilege of having with Rachael. Before working with Rachael I worked with many other initiatives from the East coast of LA all the way to NYC, and I always left feeling like I needed to ask MORE questions. After working with her I knew I found an authentic professional. Thanks again sooooo much for leading me into peace and serenity at a time when my life was in a raging Saturn return. Love & Light"

Chad, above and beyond satisfied customer / Intuitive Energy Healing Client

"My son and I have both experienced an amazing amount of healing from working with Rachael. He was struggling with teenage issues along with some depression and anxiety. Through Reiki, Card Reading, and other methods of healing that she offered, he has a whole new outlook and continues to improve daily. I have found a great amount of peace and enlightenment in the sessions that I have had with her. We are very grateful for all of her help and the tools that she has given us to continue on our path of healing." 

Liz, Intuitive Energy Healing Client

"I've been lucky enough to have sessions with Rachael more than once. Every session has been a beautiful, and healing experience. My last session by far, was the most transformational one I've had. Thank you Rachael, you have a powerful gift!"

Anna P, Very satisfied customer / Intuitive Energy Healing Client

"After every session, my outlook on life is ALWAYS more optimistic then before. reiki, combined with my own personal prayer time is something im finding more and more satisfying. rachael is extremely helpful in helping me pinpoint my deepest desires and bringing them out into broad daylight. luckily, rachael is a master at keeping our sessions a judgement free zone, which is essential when you have deep healing on the agenda."

Israel, Intuitive Energy Healing Client

"I went into Reiki knowing next to nothing about it, other than a few praises from friends. I am so glad that it found me through Rachael's healing hands. Her sessions have truly made a profound difference within my daily spiritual practices and meditations, along with my overall mental and emotional wellness. Each warm, attentive visit has resulted in a new, energized feeling which stays with me for days, along with fresh perspective and images to integrate into my particular practice. Thank you Rachael, and blessings to your gracious hands!"

Denise, Finding Peace in the Big City / Intuitive Energy Healing Client


I think you're an angel and I'm beyond appreciative that I've met you. You've provided a comfortable & safe environment for me to get as personal as possible. Thank you for your help & for allowing me to work through my deepest issues. Looking forward to having you as a constant in my life."

D.W., Intuitive Energy Healing Client

"Hi Rachael-

Thank you so much for the wonderful session today, for your insights and guidance. You're reading is so accurate and I felt like I just came from a spiritual retreat. I feel very rejuvenated and ready to start my week right. Thanks again for sharing your gift."

L.B., Intuitive Energy Healing Client

"Hey Rachael!

Thank you so much for the healing. I'm looking forward to my next session! I came in messy & feeling like a storm, and you helped me to come down, feel more at peace & clear. Even my dreams have quieted down since our session! Normally they're complicated & vivid, but lately now they're simple."

Kim, Intuitive Energy Healing Client

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